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She was running swiftly on delicate, sandalled feet through the streets and lanes of Heaven's Capitol, aided occasionally by a beat from one hundred and forty pairs of wings, until she reached the Central Avenue, and found the one she sought.

She leapt atop a pillar, displaying the full splendour of her wings, and called out, "Hear me now, all ye Hosts of Heaven, Low and High! Bow before the Goodness and Majesty of our Father, and rejoice in your hearts! For once again, He hath shown that He never abandons His children!"

All raised their eyes and gazed upon her in silence. For none ever spoke when the Messenger of God opened her lips, and none had seen her so beautiful since the Annunciation itself. She shone bright as a gleaming star, and her voice, normally so quiet, rang through the vastness of Heaven like a clarion.

"Hate falls before love, ice before fire. Two souls bound in one may never be torn apart, lest they both perish. And behold! in His infinite Mercy, our Father hath forged anew the first link of that golden chain, and by it all wounds shall be healed. I see, ah, I see! White is black and black is white, and both to Him are dear!"

Now, her face elated almost to the point of madness, she flung out an arm and pointed straight at him who stood before the pillar. "Hark ye, also, Highest of High Ones, for to our Father all is revealed in the end, and those who transgress in His sight shall someday know in full the weight of what they have done!" With those final words, she flew off and up to the stars, and her laughter, like joyous thunder, rolled in her wake. And one out of the Host spread his own wings and followed her.

Long, long after the other angels had dispersed, the Metatron still stood before the pillar, motionless as stone.
First interlude and third instalment of Broken Treasure.

Hope you like.
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Lunissa Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2013
See, I haven't had the opportunity to properly appreciate this earlier. But. Now. All the connections. I'm stunned.
I've only just noticed the expression "golden chain" in here. That alone put an unwipeable smile on my face.
And then there is "White is black and black is white, and both to Him are dear!" I think this is why I interpreted the ending to the story the way I did?
And "joyous thunder". And all those wings. And just... Her. Talk about elated faces. You should see mine, too.
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
(...y-you're reviewing. Again, even after... COME HERE SO I HUG YOUR BRAINS OUT!)

*massive delight* Connections within the story itself, or between stories?
That is exactly the reason that line is in there! The interludes are mood-enhancers, you see.
Ahhh, now I too understand where that interpretation came from.
Ohhh, yes. I got such a literary-language kick out of those interludes, I can't even tell you. The number of wings is from Islamic lore. And... she. I wish I could see your face.
Lunissa Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
( ...y-yes, i am, i hope you don't mind! and even after what? GOING THERE PREPARING BRAINS :)

This time I meant within the story. You know i first read it on a night-train, and reading once without showing signs of craziness was enough of a challenge. Now it's not all new, all at once, and i can enjoy its details more :)
It is a beautiful metaphor, I'll give you that :) But a great part of my smile owes its unwipeableness to the expression being a chapter title later... The chapter title which i've encountered most often, which i've preiodically re-read into. And before yesterday, i never knew it was there in the beginning, i couldn't remember...
Hee, we're slow together :P
I know, you've told me :) But usually i don't dwell on the number - it's unimaginably great. But since we've come up with "whirlwing"... you know, epic impressions tend to leave a mark :) And... she. You'll love this bit. (i hope.) She just overwrote everything in my mind on my way home today. Walking towards the flat, i tried to clarify some continuity point in the Lizzyverse, and I could so totally not focus, because the weather was more or less nice, the vegetation a soft, calming green, and when i thought the name, your Gabriel danced into life in my head. And in the outer world, too. It's like a whirlwind of joy and love swept through the whole way, and the grass was greener, the air got sweeter, and the pleasant light filtering through the clouds became brilliant while not getting any brighter. And then this half-visible intangible figure in a white robe, with great many wings, hopping down the green slope, some misbehaving strands of hair falling over the parade of golden-ish pearly wings, all of her just so beautiful and laughing all along, so kindly, so sweetly... I'll say reality can be great, but with such additions it is just too amazing to put into words.
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Layers upon layers, hmmm? *pleased* Cake!
It will always delight me how people tend to reread my work. What writer wouldn't be delighted? I ask you. Let us celebrate this with wine.

Ohhh my God this is fantastic. Because. Since you were thinking about the Lizzy verse, there was probably something gloomy going on in your head, this time revolving around your Gabriel. And then the name made you switch over to mine and and and yeeeeee! You weren't feeling gloomy anymore! Hooray! And yes you are so completely right having read this I am now convinced that her presence has that kind of effect on sufficiently sensitive people hey no wonder the prophets were always so willing to listen to her words and it all makes even more sense now and yes you are right again she would absolutely act like that and look like that with robe and sandals and wings and long hair tangling in her feathers and you are fantastic and please please please can I keep this mental image and put in in my headcanon because it is just too beautiful and my lungs hurt I go lie down now bye bye.
Lunissa Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
(well, why not? BRAINS)

Good, I'm not the only onw unable to stop appreciating it! Excellent! (Also tonight I went to sleep quoting your work in my head. :) )

"Probably" something gloomy going on in my head? Let me correct that for you. Certainly. 100 percent. You don't even know just how gloomy yet. It was quite a pleasant surprise when my mind switched to her :) And yes of course you can keep this image, I mean how would i stop you, or why would i even want to stop you? Keep it and spread it because moment like this are magic.
And... what makes even more sense now?

(News bit: character-fascination seems to have switched back to Azrael for the week. Which is just as well, i haven't been content with the concept art for the ever-so-belated picture...)
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

(...really? You did?)

*sadface* Awwww, deep-gloomy...
But yay! Happy thoughts insued! And beautiful mental image! Hooray! I will spread this. I will spread it so bad.
She does.

(And this week? *eager*
Hmmm, it seems this picture is giving you as much trouble as 'You don't remember the danger'... Unimportant: the end result will be fantastic. It always is. In fact: *swoons in advance*)

(You may notice a certain light-headedness in this reply. That is because I have ONLY ONE EXAM LEFT YEEEEEEEEE!)
Lunissa Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013

(Yes, I did. And I realized I have to go re-read Love fills and Dark Trails because I can't yet quote them and that's a terrible fault on my part. On the other hand... I can at least quote the extras I've recieved :) )

*malicious glee* Oooh, and pre-exam panic possessed me yesterday so from gloomy it turned into utterly desperate and you're going to see it when I'm finished writing it and oh boy can a sweet, sweet angel be terrifying in non-action...
However. No sunshine around here these days, and my mind still randomly switches to the wonderful image your wirting planeted in it, every nerve-wrecked exam day. It's very therapeutic, actually. Or possibly schizophrenic, being split into a nervous and a joy-overloaded part. Hm. No matter. It's wonderful.
Yey, spread the bliss!

(This week I had two exams, so I'll have to say Gabriel - at first. Also, there is something weird going on. I've only just noticed... an overwhelming majority of my aand my friends' and family's acquaintances called Gábor or Gabriella have at some point let us down or outright betrayed or strived to hurt us... I find this unnerving. Highly. But still not nearly as unnerving ass what happened tonight. Totally unrelated to this - I had a horrible thought. You know the friend I ended up drawing twisted-Little-Prince-world because of... she said something... and an overwhelming, haunting certainty filled me that (although probably not in the near future, but still) at some point she is going to take her own life. I don't really know what makes me say that. I wish nothing would.
...Also, I remembered that tomorrow will be the anniversary of my last exam on the IR-bachelors'... which i was at the time utterly disinterested in, after what happened with Grandma... Well. I guess I'll have to say all these "real-life" factors will drive me back to Azrael. (If I weren't falling over tired right now, I'd start painting, to hell with everything else. So some more patience might be needed. But thanks for the trust :) )

(Hooray, congrats! I didn't want to ruin your mood with my rant, in fact I'm only blabbering because I've had my last exam today and I'm finally free :) ... Okay, almost. I'm still helping someone prepare for their exam. So not until next week, I'm not completely released. But still. I'm done. All twenty. ... This has been a long two months - I'm sure it's the same for you. So persist just a little longer, and good luck to your last one! When is it going to be?)
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
(Bob the flamboyantly gay zombie.)

(Oh my God you quote nearly all of them. *stunned* How many times have you read them now? *braces self for astronomical number*
Speaking of 'Love fills'... It seems Ringil has removed 'Love is' from FFN. My story is now a stand-alone. You know these things, so tell me what you think: is my story even vaguely comprehensible to someone who has not read what came before?)

*...* OhGodohGodohGodwhathaveyoudone.
Thank goodness! Keep it up! Do you good.

(Yay! *reads on* Less yay. Hmmm. *deep breath* Okay, Lunissa? Here's what I think. In my almost twenty-five years of life, I've met with lots of people, both pleasant and unpleasant. Two of these people, when I met them, were suffering from a kind of chronic depression. One of these two, who even had suicidal tendencies, needed help and appealed to me to get it. I gave it. The result was that, after only a few conversations, I - and I say this as a fact, not to boast - managed to help her climb out of her pit. There were still a number of ups and downs after that, of course, because these things take time to close up and heal completely, but now, she's a cheery, happy person, with tonnes of hobbies and interests, who enjoys her studies and holidays and everything. We're good friends now, and I still feel proud and happy that I was able to help her the way I did. All good, all pleasant.
The second person, whom I met at uni, was of a different kind. I can't remember exactly how it started, but at one point, she sort of suctioned herself on to me, like a leech. Every single time I saw her, she had a new topic to complain about, be it about her health - hypochondriac, by the way - her boyfriend, her studies, her parents, or whatnot, to the point where we literally could not converse about any other topic, because there was no other topic that interested her. She even e-mailed me with complaints while I was in the middle of studying for exams. At first, Mum and I believed she was truly miserable and so we did our best to help her. Gradually, she started hanging on me so much that I dreaded going to classes where I knew she'd be, and developed a tendency to skip them. Mum says she could gradually see me being ground down, so to speak, looking years older than I should. It was breaking me down, making me wretched, and Mum said I'd have to start encouraging her to mingle with other people than just me. Consequently, I did the same, and found that, if I had 'the nerve' to talk to someone besides her, she'd just strut right past me like I'd committed a crime. Then I thought, 'Screw this, you want to own me, get lost.' My wellbeing and peace of mind picked up amazingly after that. Mum wholly approved, because she has had dealings with such characters like you wouldn't believe if I told you. As for that girl, she stopped coming to class entirely some time after. I don't know where she is. I don't know how she's doing. I don't care.
Now, the reason what I've just said is this. The above experiences have taught me that some people want to be helped and free of their problems and happy, while others delight in simply complaining and hogging for attention, because if makes them feel 'happy', or what they consider happy. The former category, no matter how much help they need, may and do make you worry, but they never drain. The latter? Every time.
Now, your friend most likely belongs to one of these two categories (because if there are any other categories, I've never heard of them). So, I want you to consider, very carefully and objectively, which one it is, however long it takes you. For your own sake, this has to be done, so you don't fall into the same trap I did, if it's category two.
Also, know this: Mum says that people who threaten suicide all the time very rarely actually go through with it. Those who are serious about killing themselves, never talk, just do. So whatever she ends up doing - and I don't think it'll be much - remember that you are under no circumstances to blame. Not you. You will have done your best, and more than that.

(My last was on the morning of the twenty-eighth. I was so studied-out that, the moment I left the classroom, I started shaking so badly I had trouble operating my cellphone. My teeth chattered and everything, stuttered when I spoke. Mum told me to go buy some warm soup in the cafeteria, then I went for a walk to the shopping centre close to my uni, Mum picked me up, and when I'd been home for a few hours, I developed a headache. Was a zombie all day. The next few days, I was extremely busy helping Mum do all sorts of things that had been put on hold during my exam period, and recuperating. There's a snail infestation in the garden.
Me, I've had to move five of my exams - yes, exactly twenty as well, coincidences my eyeball - to the second session, because of time constra- *double take* What. Hungarian students get their exams spaced out over two months? A murrain on the Belgian system! I only got one!
Sooo. What was your post-exam cave-in like?
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emoemu-san Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student General Artist
omfg shhhh
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
*pokes* Hee hee hee...

Thanks for the fave!
emoemu-san Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Student General Artist
goodness stoppit im hiding from you
//hides in a cardboard box
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
*opens the box*
emoemu-san Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You are a funny person! *poink*
emoemu-san Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm in yur head, messin' with yur mind.
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