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We are waiting.

Can't you hear us
'Neath the leaves?

There is peace here
The whole year round
The fruits of the forest
Rich and plenty
Trees so ancient
Gone down so deep
Their roots reaching
To the bowels of the earth.

Come and wander
In our green shades
Come and marvel
At our moss-grown glades
Come and stumble
Over skulls long bleached
Come and tremble
For the law you've breached.

In the night, our shadows dance
In the dark, our fleshless trance
In the night, the creaking branch
In the dark, you've lost your chance


We are calling.

Can't you hear us
'Neath the leaves?

Spurn the lamplight, flee your nest
Face the darkness, meet your test
Hear the beetle, the grave it digs
Run for shelter, feel our twigs
Pierce your eyes, and slice your knees,
Their way under your skin ease,
Break your veins and crack your bones,
With blood bedew the holy stones,
Fuel our dancing, feed the beast,
Come and join us at our feast.

Reach the center, then descend
Flesh so tender, tear and rend
Your heart beating, warm and red
Not fit for eating, cold and dead.

Your hands they claw
In red-caked dirt
Your eyes do but
The edges skirt
Of ancient secrets
Rank and raw
Kept by things
Of gaping maw.

Not for you
Them e'er to see
To kill you thus
Was our decree.

There is peace here
The whole year round
The fruits of the forest
Rich and plenty
Trees so ancient
Gone down so deep
Their roots reaching
To the bowels of the earth.


We are waiting.

Can't you hear us
'Neath the leaves?
Woodland Verse
Homage to the Blair Witch.

A blessed All Hallows to you.
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Basket of awesomeness
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Current Residence: Belgium
Favourite genre of music: Eclectic
Favourite style of art: Whatever strikes my fancy
Operating System: Windows 7
Personal Quote: Being an artist is like living in a constant state of blessed insanity.
Presenting the long, long, long overdue Master List update. Besides a whole slew of new pieces by the perennial (and incredible) :iconlunissa:, this one also contains several pieces by :iconjean-claude17: and one by :iconxxsymmetryxx:. The pieces by the last two artists will be marked. All the works in this list other than drawings are also indicated by type. Also, please be sure to take a look at the Crucible section, as several more works have been added since the last list.




Love fills a hole in the heart

Flame and water

In the arms of death / love (gif)

Broken Treasure

First Interlude: Prophetess

A Whirlwing of Joy

Whirlwing - Making of (gif)



Heavens version B


General teaser

Let All That You Do Be Done In Love by :iconxxsymmetryxx:

Prologue - Sacrifice

Silent providence

Silent providence - Grass (poem)

Silent providence - Shines (poem)

Chapter One - Burn

Merciful Hell

First Interlude - Unworthy


Chapter Two - Hope:

Lost angels

Chapter Three - Illusions:

What the eyes can't see

Second Interlude - Humanity:

See Red - Be Sad --- Be Red - See Sad

Chapter Four - Balance:

A mirror looks back

Chapter Five - Break:

His Alpha and His Omega

Third Interlude - Mercy:

Keeper of the spheres

Keeper of the spheres - details

Chapter Six - Innocence:


Chapter Seven - End:

Caphriel - The dying light

Chapter Eight - Ocean:

Tears of an angel

Novae (Crucible) (music)

Chapter Nine - Sanity:

In the Mirror of Truth

Caphriel - Long life on Earth (music)

Crucible - There was light (music)

Chapter Ten - Storm:

A violent storm

There will come soft rains... (poem)

Ordeal of the soul

Crucible - Caphriel and Aziraphale

Chapter Eleven - Embrace:

Tears of a thousand years

Forgive the forsaken

Forgive the forsaken - Embrace

Embrace (colored!)

Embrace - making of (gif)

Chapter Twelve - Sacrament:


Epilogue - Sanctified:

The words that guide

The words that guide - Children (poem)

The words that guide - Trees (poem)

The words that guide - Water (poem)

The words that guide - Aziraphale (poem)

The words that guide - Caphriel (poem)

The words that guide - The way (poem)




During and post-story

In Their Hands


Dark Trails

Chapter One

For a Crusade

For a Crusade (making of) (gif)

Chapter Two

Dark Trails - Climbing the Fence by :iconjean-claude17:

Dark Trails - Landing by :iconjean-claude17:

Chapter Seven

Dark Trails - Finding Strength by :iconjean-claude17:

Chapter Twelve

Dark Trails - Epilogue by :iconjean-claude17:

Dark Trails - Never Alone by :iconjean-claude17:

Multiple chapters

Chase (plasticine)

Crowley-sticine (plasticine)

Chase 2 (plasticine)

Anno Domini

1. September

Warmth of hearts

2. October

Anno Domini - 0 BC by :iconjean-claude17:

It was a hard day...

3. November

Frosty autumn plans

4. December

December Dilemmas

5. January

A Call to War (and Famine)


War (full-view to see)


6. February

Generation Gap

7. March

You don't remember the danger

8. April

All the fools' ways

9. May

May we be

10. June

You know it now

11. July

Midsummer medley

12. August

From Bethlehem so long ago

More than one story

All our lives

Merry Christmas to All!


This! This right here! All of this! Yeeeeeeeee!

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Lunissa Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015
Okay, very quick note, very sorry about the silence, but it's been and it's still going to be crazy over here. Turns out about 30-32 hours sleep a week is too little for me too, but that's what i've been vegeteating on in the past two weeks, and that's what it'll come to next week too. In all that non-sleep I was very much hoping to carve out an hour or two to go crazy about your wonderful comment and the fact that i got the duckling-christening-candy, which is ohmystarssocute, and at some point i am indeed going to go crazy and write a novel's worth of enthusiastic comments about it, but it won't be this week either as things are looking now, and i don't want to keep you waiting any longer, i shouldn't have, not even this long, i'm sorry, but i was really hoping... *deep breath* okay, i'll shut up now, i just wanted to say you're amazing, the candy is wonderful and cute, and thank you thank you thank you so much for everything and please bear with my until i can go into detail. 
sweet dreams! or awesome ones! or both!
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Honey honey honey it's fine things are pretty crazy over here as well but at the same time DAMN COOL even though i've had to put Duality on the back burner for a bit it's only a good thing because the next chapter is slowly finishing itself in my brain and in another compartment of that brain my zombie buddy Bob has been going nuts writing his own fanfic and I have to tell you about that sometime because it is bad and i've been discovering a few new fandoms and revisiting old ones and candy rocks i'm so glad you like it and hey single question just answer yes or not seriously a one-word reply that book i talked about once called The Nightside of Nature would it still interest you if so i will send it to you for christmas i rock so hard right now spaghetti wheeeeee- *faints*

Good night!
Lunissa Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015
Thank you you're always so kind and understanding :) 
The craziness has slowed down for just a few hours now (I've just written an exam), and once again I haven't really slept, and this is such a weird time, when I'M almost at peace with the world XD
Yes it's damn cool when things are correcting themselves and tying themselves up in the back of our minds while we can't really deote time to them... I'd have so much to write down now, too, and sooo little time. Of course, I'm still fearing Duality, and now I'm really curious what else you have gotten yourself into. Me, I'm starting to think there might yet be an actual story to follow the Prologue - Seconds, the plot is gathering, and stars oh stars will those be crowded interludes. I should probably apologize in andavnce for a few things in there. ... actually, for most things i've got planned out so far. Also, I really wanted to do something along the lines of 12 days of Christmas in the Elysiumverse, but I can't get around to writing that much... gah, maybe if I start now, it'll be ready next year. This Christmas is looking out to be really crowded... in fact I should probably despise of studying-free days altogether, even on Christmas eve. (Gah.) Partly because I'M a maniac, but partly because I'm kind of expecting to receive a time-consuming present, which I won't be able to keep myself from jumping on, no matter the exam on the 29th... 
Sorry, dear, I'm blabbering. The book would be wonderful, but I might be writing to you too late now, so don't worry about it. Nowadays I've been having these repeated revelations on a two-three-day basis, about just how wonderful you've turned my world. I'm smiling an awful lot these days, no matter the panic and the stress. I'll never stop thanking you, I think...
have a nice spaghetti ;) 
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yes this is just one of my many qualities. *is smacked* Totally had that coming.
Correction: the craziness has slowed down on your end. Bob is completely out of control. Do you know what he did? I was in the local library one day, and he spotted a book called, in translation, Mr. Zombie. Wouldn't stop nagging me until I lent and read the damn thing. Told him I could look for the original English version, but noooo, Mister Fancypants had to have it right away. Had me go through it, back-translating for him as I went, and then he... urgh... decided he wanted to write zombie slash fanfic, while there was absolutely no gay love in that novel, and the two characters he picked, the zombies R and M, were therefore only friends. I spent two hours lecturing him on the evils of wilfully twisting a fictional character's sexual orientation, and when he finally cottoned on, the result was that he sat down to write zombie slash original fiction. Put together a novella in under a week. Had me proofread it. I screamed. Asked him what the hell he was thinking, making anybody read M-rated, biologically impossible crap like that. Believe me, you don't wanna know. I will only say that certain parts of the body rot faster than other, and you do not want detailed descriptions of... well, you get the picture, I'm afraid. And let's not get into his English errors. Seriously: "We must throw off the yolk of heteronormativity"? Interesting mental image, yeah, but I don't see how that'd actually work. Anyway, I rented a movie called Boy Eats Girl, had him watch that for a change. It backfired. It backfired like a cannon. I... I need to lie down. The memories... Ergh... (I wasn't talking behind Bob's back or anything, by the way. He lives in my brain, so he sees everything I do. It's cool.) Ha, had you going, didn't I.
*shakes herself* Anyway yeah. All that aside (please). You should be fearing, because I listened to a song last night that flipped a switch in my head. Now i know exactly how the story must proceed from here. Exactly. *evil* Oh, and the other fandoms I've been (re)getting into lately, since you're curious: Rurouni Kenshin, being one of the very few mangas I love, Psychonauts, a video game, Undertale, another video game, aaand an anime series called Princess Tutu. Um. Yeah. Before you start laughing, remember, I know where you live. *stare* Oh! And I've had a very productive nightmare that has given me the plot for next Halloween's horror story. It'll be called Under. Disturbingly, I asked Mom what vibes she got from that title, and she started spelling out the plot I had in my head. 'T would seem literary telepathy is contagious. Yeeep.
And you! All those creative projects and more Gabriel and Metatron and and and Christmad in the Elysiumv- WOW. I just realised something. You can't pronounce 'Elysium' without saying Lizzy's name. ... I don't know if that's awesome or terrifying.
You'll get that book. I think you'll like it. It's full of ghosts and stuff. Also the pages smell very nice.
...can I blush now? I'm blushing now. Thank you.
(1 Reply)
Spiritofdarkness Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015
:hug: thank you very much for the :+devwatch: :iconballoonplz:
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
My pleasure!
Fleur-de-Noel Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015  Professional
Thank you for the :devwatch: :PinkBummy: 
Sister-to-the-Queen Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
No problem!
Fleur-de-Noel Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Professional
Lunissa Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2015
Short happy note: yesterday an opportunity finally randomly presented itself to brag about the starry birthday card you sent me to another astronomy student (a Phd student no less) and stars, was he envious! Just wanted to let you know that you're still the best and the news of this are spreading now! :)
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